Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWP NumberDue Month
1.1Project presentation1M2
2.1Medipix equipped silicon detector array2M16
2.2Report of the use of the Medipix in ore analysis2M23
3.1High energy XRF analysis setup3M15
4.1Specification of the automation system4M6
4.2Report on the feasibility to use indirect detection QD particles with sCMOS cameras for X-ray detection4M14
4.3Research grade automated conveyor system with the cameras, sensors, and deflection actuators for mineral sample classification4M23
5.1Report on the selected mineral samples to be used for X-ray analytics, Responsible:5M5
5.2Laboratory analysis reports of the samples,5M20
5.3Geological relevance analysis report of the new analysis methods, Responsible5M23
6.1Integrated X-ray analysis conveyor system6M23
6.2Dissemination plan6M8
6.3Final report and seminar6M24