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Comparative study on the trace element contents of sulfides from the Neogene and Laramian porphyry copper deposits from RomaniaCIOACĂ M.E. - MUNTEANU M. - WÄLLE M. - MARINCEA Ș. - DUMITRAȘ D. Download PDF
Distribution of trace elements In sulfide minerals from Roșia Poieni Porphyry Copper Deposit (Romania)CIOACĂ M.E. - MUNTEANU M. - WÄLLE M. - COSTIN G. - MARINCEA Ș. - DUMITRAȘ D. Download PDF
Report ImagesMUNTENAU M.Download PPT
Metallic gold from the Suurikuusikko Mine (Kittilä, Finland): geochemistry and metallogenetic implicationsCIOACĂ M.E - MUNTEANU M. - VÄLIMAA J.Download DOC
Chemical variability of ore minerals in several epithermal deposits from the Gold Quadrilateral, Apuseni Mountains, RomaniaCIOACĂ M.E. - COSTIN G. - COSTEA A.C. - BARBU O.C. - BÂRGĂOANU D.Download DOC
Late metallogenetic processes in the Suurikuusikko gold deposit (Kittilä mine, Finland)MUNTEANU M. - VÄLIMAA J. - CIOACĂ M.E - COSTIN G. - COSTEA A.C.Download DOC