VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LTD

VTT is an impartial multidisciplinary expert organisation established in 1942. Its turnover is about 230 Million €, it has staff of about 2800 experts, and it covers practically all technical disciplines in one organisation. VTT participates in, or coordinates a large number of international projects. Its special strength is its ability to create new, globally competitive technologies and innovations by combining knowledge and expertise in different fields. Its matrix organisation allows easy formation of multidisciplinary projects that combine different technologies from a number of its research teams. For this proposal, researchers are mainly allocated from the Machine vision team located at Tampere. The Machine vision team is specifically oriented towards industrial automation, including laboratory automation and software design. It has experience on e.g. projects covering small parts assembly, quality control of microelectronics components, pattern recognition, robotic systems and machine vision based control. The team has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing recycled material analysis and sorting methods. These cover such methods as visible and IR colour sorting, inductive and eddy current detection, XRF and LIBS based sorting, 3D shape measurement of recycled scrap objects, and statistical classification methods for multisensory information handling. VTT’s laboratory facilities at Tampere include a small conveyor belt with 3D camera measurement and radiation shielded enclosure for testing X-ray based instruments, connected to a realistic industrial type real time automation control environment.

Advacam Oy

Advacam (ADC) is specialized in the development, fabrication and packaging of the state-of-the-are imaging camera components, electronics and software that are needed in order to realize the digital color imaging camera suitable for the identification of materials. Advacam has its own microfabrication and –packaging process lines that are continuously being developed to meet the future challenges of the camera components. Both the microfabrication and –packaging processes are offered as commercial services. The project allows Advacam to take its digital color X-ray camera technology for benefit of environment friendliness through the novel mineral analysis method. We have full expertise to realize the required customization for the material identification of the minerals. Miniaturization of the systems also allows portable imaging X-ray analysis systems in the future, which may be used for field exploration studies, although in this proposal the focus is on a lab scale system.

Orexplore AB

Orexplore (ORE) develops, manufactures and sells composition analysis products for non-organic materials based on an innovative technology called XDM (X-ray Density Measurement), covered by world-wide patents. Orexplore has had its focus on the mining industry, scanning for minerals in ore. That experience may be directly applied on the project at hand. Orexplore is an expert company, essentially only hiring highly skilled engineers and phycists, focusing on developing x-ray based measuring systems. The project as such is a potential enabler for Orexplore to wider entrance to the market, strengthening the revenue base and the image as a cleantech company.

Geological Institute of Romania

GIR was created in 1906 with the mission and activities of a geological survey. Now it is a state-owned research institute involved in activities regarding mineral resources (geological conditions, chemistry, environmental impact of mining), hydrocarbon resources, geophysics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental protection, geohazard, geological mapping.